The Council

The Council is the governing body of the GCC. It sets the strategic direction, takes key decisions and holds the Executive to account.
The Council comprises up to fourteen members, some lay and some chiropractors.

It meets quarterly, in public, alternating between in-person and virtual meetings, to ensure the functions of the GCC are fulfilled efficiently and effectively, that best use is made of the resources available to the GCC, and that its finances remain sound.

The Council works with the Chief Executive and Registrar and his team accountable for the effective and timely delivery of the GCC’s strategy, business plan and budget. The Council also supports the effective operation of its statutory committees.

We have a strong and cohesive Council, committed to a bold strategic plan and programme of transformation. Our Council members bring a wide range of skills and experience from both lay and professional backgrounds.

We are in the second year of implementing the changes envisaged in an ambitious strategy 2022-2024. This followed significant developments to the external health and social care landscape, including the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic and the pace of regulatory reform. The strategy reflects the challenges that we face and our focus over its term, ensuring we make the right impact in the right way. As part of our strategy we have a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and a 15 point EDI action plan.