Chair of Council


Welcome from the current Chair of Council, Mary Chapman

Thank you for your interest in joining the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) as the next Chair of Council.

It has been my privilege to lead the Council as its Chair since 2017. I stand down at the end of the year. Much has been achieved, including the recruitment of a new Chief Executive and staff team, the creation of strong and sustainable financial foundations, meeting the challenge of a global pandemic and the development and implementation of strategies to transform our regulation. In doing so, we have placed patients at the centre; focused on equity, equality and diversity; and reframed our responsibilities for developing the profession.

The GCC is the smallest of the ten healthcare regulators, and we pride ourselves on delivering our statutory duties with energy and a commitment to service quality. The staff members, led by CEO Nick Jones, are determined that effective regulation should enable chiropractic to play a growing part in the UK’s health and care provision.

This is a pivotal moment to be leading the Council. New standards of chiropractic education are being implemented across higher education providers; a review of the Code of Practice (the fundamental requirements placed on chiropractors) is being considered soon; and work on our next strategy begins in 2024. Furthermore, the next few years may see significant organisational change in the architecture of professional health and care regulation, following an extensive period of review. The timing of this appointment recognises the potential for change and will enable the new Chair to be established in leadership and well placed to navigate any transition.
We aspire to be an inclusive organisation. A diverse board leads to better governance and decision-making. We welcome applications from chiropractors and lay people of all backgrounds and experience who can demonstrate relevant leadership achievement and have an appetite for good governance.

I wish you well with your application.

Kind regards,

Mary Chapman
Chair of Council, September 2023